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This conga solo which comes from Wham! a track on Santana’s 1978 release Inner Secrets (Columbia 35600) is one of the first improvisations I ever transcribed. In my opinion it also represents well, the style Raul has developed over the years. It incorporates clear, precise and distinguished musical phrases, played with impeccable time over the rhythm section, finishing with one of his trademarks, the execution of a clearly articulated fast triplet-note roll emphasising in this instance open tones and open slaps. The actual solo is between bars 3-18, bars 1-2 and 19-20 are part of unison phrases (as marked) played with the other percussionists. Do try and listen to the recording which also features a wonderful solo by Armando Peraza on bongos and the timbal artistry of Pete Escovedo. The tempo is approximately half note = 132

legend:  O= Open Tone    (S)= Muffled Slap    S=Open Slap

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