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• I am currently recording a new album of original compositions. It features outstanding guest performances recorded in the USA with legendary jazz guitarist Mike Stern, in England with master Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy, in Cuba with saxophonist Cesar Lopez of Irakere fame, traditional Afro-Cuban vocalist Silvia Cabrera, trumpeter Myquel Gonzalez, violinist Leonardo Perez and master Afro-Cuban percussionist Justo Pelladito, in Argentina with guitarist Alan Plachta and in Australia thus far with contributions from pianist Luke Howard, drummer Gerry Pantazis, bassists Frank Di Sario, Craig Newman and Evripidis Evripidou, saxophonist Sandy Evans and trumpeter Miroslav Bukovsky.

• My 'Travel Diary Cuba 2017' article which describe my wonderful experiences in Cuba during the summer of 2017 pubished by Drumscene Magazine can be found here.

• My albums Lusambo, From The Heart, Baba Soroso and Otra Vez, as well as my book 'Sight Reading: The Rhythm Book' are now available on iTunes.

• You can listen to my personal releases on Spotify.

• My compositions are now available in The Australian Jazz Real Book, a publication dedicated to the preservation and distribution of Australian jazz in both digital and print. You can access the website here.

• I am an international endorsee of Meinl Percussion (Germany) you can access my Meinl Artist Page here.

• As an author I am published by
Mel Bay Publications Inc. (USA) you can access my Mel Bay Author Page here.

• It is with much sadness that I pay tribute here to the remarkable Tom E Lewis who died suddenly on May 10 in the NT. An inspirational man gone too young, too soon, Tommy was a highly acclaimed actor and musician with boundless energy to develop noble initiatives to further inspire the Indigenous community. At the time of his passing we were working steadily on a major project related to Indigenous outreach and engagement. We were also working on recording new material for my new album and I was to produce his new album, his brief "hey Alex let's make people dance", too sweet! Rest in peace my dear friend.

• An article on some of my recent activities has been published on the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music page. You can access the website page here.

• I am performing Sunday 25 November at 7pm with wonderful vocalist Sunny Kim, guitarist Geoff Hughes and drummer Ronny Ferella at the Brunswick Green.


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