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Alex Pertout is a wonderful percussionist and Nilusha Dassenaike is a beautiful singer, as 'Alex & Nilusha' they have written some wonderful music together for a new cd and I was very glad to have had an opportunity to contribute to it. Thank you very much!

MIKE STERN legendary US guitarist, composer, recording artist

The rhythms by Alex are very exciting, they are taking me on a tour around the world in an ethnically authentic way. Deep and touching while funky and groovy, appropriate to every song and bringing an addictive sound that I have to listen to day after day, one melting pot that is delicious to the heart of rhythm lovers.
HOSSAM RAMZY internationally acclaimed Egyptian percussionist

Very beautiful, heart warming music. I am honored to have taken part on Alex and Nilusha's 'Tales To Tell'.
EDSEL GOMEZ award winning pianist, composer, arranger with Dee Dee Bridgewater

'Moments In Time' is a beautifully realised album of work.
SHANE HOWARD renowned Australian singer-songwriter

You’ve done a brilliant job with 'Tales To Tell' Alex. Nilusha sounds incredible;
such a versatile and musical vocalist. I am honoured to be included.

PAUL GRABOWSKY award winning pianist, composer, artistic director

'Tales To Tell' is just great! I must have played 'Falling' 100 times,
it always puts me in a good mood. Great tune and great mix!
Contemporary jazz and world music at it's best!

KARL JURMAN musical director The Lion King Broadway

I really like the work you are realising, the traditional versions are well developed and the original
pieces I like a lot. I enjoyed the variety and the great balance you are presenting. Nilusha has a
beautiful voice, excellent work!
ROMAN JUSTO PELLADITO HERNANDEZ legendary Cuban master drummer, educator

The performance was beautiful, inspiring, life-changing. Sensitive and compassionate music with deep expression always moves people to a higher level...Nilusha and Alex did just that.
DOM FAMULARO renown international drummer, author, clinician

The cd 'Moments In Time' is beautifully executed, beautiful use of percussion textures, love it.
The art is first class, great design. Much success with it.

MARTIN COHEN founder of the LP Music Group

That was sensational, I thoroughly enjoyed these pieces, world class!
PAUL WHEELER former bassist with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs

Saw these guys perform at the Brunswick Mechanic's Institute last Saturday night. What exquisite musicianship, technique, taste and variety in rhythms and dynamics.
ANN HARKIN percussionist, educator

All of us at Cafe 21 Living Room are totally captivated by Alex & Nilusha. Soothing sounds for the soul.

Congrats Alex and Nilusha from Multicultural Arts Victoria,
it was a fantastic album launch and sensational concert!

JILL SINGER Chief executive officer Multicultural Arts Victoria

At last a comprehensive book to aid sight reading and the development of rhythmic skills for instrumentalists and vocalists. Traditional aural training tends to put more emphasis on pitch and relegates rhythm to the back burner. I have noted the effect of this when conducting younger bands. Most of their reading problems are due to a basic lack of understanding of the rhythmical structure of phrases, rather than pitch related. This well graded workbook has the potential to rectify this problem.
GRAEME LYALL master saxophonist, arranger, conductor, educator

This is a wonderfully comprehensive book of 4/4 reading. It is beautifully laid out and easy to read.
DAVID JONES master drummer, educator

Sight Reading: The Rhythm Book has all the necessary elements to help the practising musician become an accomplished music sight reader.
FRANK CORNIOLA director Drumtek, Musictek, founder, editor Drumscene Magazine, author

Alex Pertout has presented a logical and well laid out book designed to assist those who are serious about developing their understanding of note values and sight reading skills.
DARRYN FARRUGIA drummer, educator

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